The simpliest way to convert a regular shower head into Nano Bubbles shower head

OKAMI provides Nano Bubbles for each shower using shower head or bath tub, allow water to cleanse the entire body from skinpores and moisturize the skin, eliminating the causes of odors and provides negative ion to create a feeling of comfort & relaxation during and after bath.


  • Owning a compact design
  • Durable – Used time is 3 years or longer
  • Effective – Creating Nano Bubbles for daily use
  • Compatible – Is suitable for all water inlet hoses
  • Easy to assembly – Easy to replace the regular shower head
  • Economic – Conserve water
  • Eco-friendly – Reduce consumption of chemical products

Three simple steps to connect OKAMI to the regular showerhead after closing the tap.

  • Step 1. Remove the water inlet hose from the regular shower head
  • Step 2. Attach OKAMI to the end of the regular shower head
  • Step 3. Reassemble the water inlet hose to OKAMI